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Newly Launched LinkedIn Resource Hub For Nonprofits

 Newly Launched LinkedIn Resource Hub For Nonprofits 
Earlier this month, LinkedIn, one of the world's largest professional social networking platforms, launched The LinkedIn Resource Hub for Nonprofits. This new resource includes a range of features and tools, designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. This is a dedicated space that provides valuable resources to nonprofit organizations to connect with potential donors, volunteers, and advocates. This hub is a game-changer for nonprofit organizations looking to grow their impact and reach more people with social media.

The LinkedIn Resource Hub for Nonprofits includes a range of features and tools, designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. The hub's key feature is the ability to create a LinkedIn Page for the nonprofit organization. It also showcases resources to help improve the way nonprofits communicate their missions, stories, and updates on their LinkedIn Pages. The goal is to assist nonprofits in growing their organization and showcasing their work to a wider audience.

Other key components include:

Helps You Hire
This nonprofit-categorized LinkedIn Page will let you post available jobs and volunteer opportunities while giving you the tools to write compelling job descriptions to attract the right candidates. Nonprofits can also access information on best hiring practices and learn to create connections to build a strong talent pipeline.

Helps You Raise Funds
Another important feature of the Resource Hub is the ability to use LinkedIn's fundraising tools. Nonprofit organizations can create a dedicated fundraising campaign on LinkedIn, where supporters can donate directly to their cause. These campaigns are easy to set up and manage and can help nonprofits to reach their fundraising goals more quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, education is provided on strategic fundraising practices, helpful suggestions on finding new donors, and helpful tips for exploring new prospective donors. 

Helps You Market Your Nonprofit
In addition to LinkedIn Pages, the Resource Hub also provides access to LinkedIn's advertising platform. This allows nonprofit organizations to create targeted ad campaigns to reach potential donors and volunteers. With LinkedIn's precise targeting capabilities, nonprofit organizations can ensure that their ads are seen by the right people, at the right time. This can help nonprofits to increase their visibility and attract more support for their cause.

Nonprofits can also learn best practices by using the LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn Groups, and LinkedIn Events features for increasing awareness of their organization’s brand.

Overall, the LinkedIn Resource Hub for Nonprofits seems to be a new and valuable resource for nonprofit organizations of all sizes. We encourage you to learn more about  LinkedIn for Nonprofits and let us know what you think!